Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Jerome A. Clay specializes in real estate and real property law, which directly and indirectly impacts landlords, homebuyers, home sellers, renters and anyone who is using real property.  We understand that there are a wide variety of real estate statues on the federal and state level. However, federal real estate laws may take precedence over local real estate laws.

There are many areas that real estate law covers such as:

  • Landlord and tenant law: Real property laws also govern the rules around leasing apartments and tenants. Tenant agreements and forms, eviction rules, and whether or not a property is considered inhabitable are all issues governed by real estate laws.
  • Foreclosure: Real estate laws determine how foreclosures should be processed. The entire process of foreclosure is impacted by various federal real estate laws and includes financial and administrative details.
  • Land use laws: Determines how property and land use  is governed by local ordinances and land use destination. For instance: how property is delegated as: as residential, commercial, or industrial? Or the steps to rezone land use. Our law offices can help determine the steps necessary in order to ensure your projects abide by local and or state law.
  • Construction: Where can construction take place and what kind of buildings can be built is determined by real estate law. Real estate law also determines the building codes that new construction must meet. When building and construction codes are violated, real estate law governs how violators are punished.
  • Financing: Real estate laws govern mortgages given to buyers of both commercial and residential real property.
  • Title and boundary disputes: Property law governs disputes about who owns a property and the boundaries of that property. These types of disputes or code violations can be quite common and can impact not only the housing association but the community as well.
  • Property taxes: Real property law governs how much a homeowner pays in local property taxes.

Our firm has attorneys with the legal skills and knowledge to deal with legal matters related to real property. Our attorneys have a solid education and understanding of real estate statutes and federal real estate laws. Our lawyers have dealt with complex real estate transactions.

Collection Law

Judgment collection, wage garnishment, execution of bank levy and asset searches for judgment enforcement is our specialty at the Law Office of Jerome A Clay. We are a California Debt collection Agency and our goal is to recovery your money from collections or judgment accounts as quickly as possible.

As a California Collection Agency we apply a sincere solution for your specific collection or judgment enforcement needs and we know it will take different approaches to collect on you debt of judgment.

Commercial or consumer, large or small, we will produce result and are committed to high standards and drive to recover your judgment debt and collection as quickly as possible.

Tax Law

Do You Have a Tax Issue?

Do you want it solved?  I can show you how to resolve your issue.  No matter your ability to pay for services, I have the right solution for you. As a tax student from USF, I excelled in client advocacy and learned many tax strategies

Why choose our Law firm

We offer unique solutions to Tax issues such as:

  • Appling substantive and procedural tax law from state, federal, or international jurisdictions.
  • Research and resolve tax law problems using legal sources set forth by the tax codes.
  • Analyze and assess tax law problems.
  • And much more…

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