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Family Lawyer Salary – How Much Money Does a Lawyer Make a Year

    family lawyer salary

    The law is the building block of our community. It controls all aspects of our lives and behavior. To make an affluent community, a lawyer plays an operative role in society and the country. Law underpins various professions such as financial consultants, business people, police officers, scientists, forensic, police advisors, parole officers, and more. All these professions need to understand the law.

    In the law profession, lawyers drive in a specific type of sector. In these sectors, family lawyers, criminal lawyers, defense lawyers, and property lawyers are most common. Most of the case, you can see that many lawyers choose their profession as a family lawyer. There is a vast working sector available as a family lawyer.

    The income of a family lawyer varies much. It will depend on the location, type of case, and level of skill. The yearly experience of a family attorney also depends much on increasing or decreasing the salary. The income also changes with the position of your job. Lawyers who are in a higher qualification in a demand-able city earn much. In this session, we have listed the salary of a family lawyer. This listing is according to the level of skill, city, and position.

    What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

    There are extended areas for the field of family law. As far as we know, most of the family involves divorce, adoption, and custody issue. For most family cases, people hire a professional lawyer to handle their cases. Family lawyers handle all kinds of family cases. Another side, some lawyers handle only the primary family law case about divorce and custody. Family law is a little complex than another sector of law. It is because emotional difficulties grow in family law when the process becomes more difficult.

    Family lawyers generally complete the four years of a Bachelor Of Law degree. They must complete the state bar exam to get a license to practice law. Additionally, a family lawyer should know the family law properly and the strategy to strengthen the case. The family lawyer should keep a good relationship with clients. They should maintain good communication with other lawyers, clients, judges, and additional legal professionals.

    There are some tasks for a family lawyer below:

    • Provide client representation in court that pertains to family law.
    • Advise staff on legal interprets and matters of laws, policies, and regulation.
    • Interact with supervisors, program directors, caseworkers, and program administrators.
    • Monitor the progress cases and maintain the responsibility of the assigned area.
    • Take the appropriate measures.
    • Provide instruction, guidance, and expertise in civil litigation, family law, elder law, guardianship law, probate law, and agency policy

    The family lawyer settles the entire matter of any family problems that continue in court. In this way, the attorney helps the client as much as possible. The family attorneys are so much friendly to their clients. They argue with the prosecutor and drive the judgment in the client’s favor. They represent their client very well in court. So, clients can achieve the best settlement in any family issue.

    The average salary for a family law attorney

    As of Jan 17, 2021, the average annual pay in the United States is $91,822 per year for a family law attorney.

    If you want to calculate it in a simple salary, you will get approximately $44.15 per hour. It is equivalent to $1,766 per week and $7,652 per month.

    ZipRecruiter seems that the annual salaries as low as $30,500 and as high as $184,500. At this time, the majority salary for a Family Law ranges between $62,000 (25th percentile) to $100,000 (75th percentile). Here, top earners as a family law attorney across $127,500 annually with 90th percentile in the United States.

    The average starting pay range is about as much as $38,000 annually. This payment varies greatly. The salary may increase or decrease based on the years of experience, the skill of an attorney. The pay of a family lawyer also can vary for different locations or cities.

    Keep an eye on the recent job posting published on ZipRecruiter. You can see that the job of Family Law Attorney markets a lot. The family law attorney job is very active in Bogura, Bangladesh, and the surrounding area. A Family Law Attorney makes his earns an average of $91,822 per year in your area that is the same as the national average salary of $91,822.

    To estimate and list the most accurate annual salary, ZipRecruiter scans its database continuously. There are millions of active family law attorney jobs publishes throughout America.

    On ZipRecruiter, you can find the next high-paying job quickly as a family lawyer.

    Top 10 Cities for Family Lawyer Jobs That Pay Most

    Here, we have listed the top ten cities where a family lawyer can get the most typical salary above the national average. San Mateo of CA is in the top position. Berkeley of CA holds the second position and the Daly City of CA occupies the third position. The Daly City of CA rebukes the national average by $15,510 (16.9%). On the other hand, San Mateo, CA bias with another $19,712 (21.5%) above the $91,922 average.

    Importantly San Mateo of CA becomes much famous for the family lawyer job market. There are a lot of companies that hire family law attorneys from this city.

    These top ten cities pay higher salaries than the national average pay. A family law attorney can get many opportunities in these cities. So, by changing the location, an experienced family lawyer can earn much than a local salary.

    Finally, the average salary varies very little as only 9% for these top ten cities. San Francisco, San Mateo, CA limits the potential for wage advancement. The living cost for a family lawyer in a different town is a possible factor in the salary. So, in these cities, the experienced family lawyer can effort the best service to satisfy their clients.

    CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
    San Mateo, CA$111,524$9,285$2,145$53.62
    Berkeley, CA$107,634$8,969$2,070$51.75
    Daly City, CA$107,332$8,944$2,064$51.60
    Richmond, CA$104,768$8,731$2,015$50.37
    Irvine, CA$104,132$8,678$2,003$50.06
    Odessa, TX$102,518$8,542$1,971$49.28
    Stamford, CT$102,017$8,501$1,962$49.05
    Orange, CA$101,728$8,477$1,946$48.91
    Bellevue, WA$101,728$8,477$1,956$48.91
    San Francisco, CA$101,529$8,461$1,942$48.81

    Top 5 Best Jobs For Higher Salary as a Family Law Attorney

    There are at least five jobs category in family law attorney jobs. These five sectors pay more than the typical salary of a family attorney. The top example involves in this category includes corporate associate attorney, healthcare attorney, and health care attorney.

    Importantly, all of these professions for a family lawyer pay $55,990 (61.0%) and $48,691 (53.0%) more than the average salary. For now, the average salary is about $91,822. If anyone hires you for these types of jobs, you will earn more money. It is a little high position than that of the average family lawyer.

    Here, the best top five family attorney jobs are listing below.

    Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
    Healthcare Attorney$147,812$12,318$2,843$71.06
    Health Care Attorney$147,832$12,318$2,843$71.06
    Corporate Associate Attorney$144,999$12,083$2,778$69.71
    Employment Attorney$141,005$11,750$2,722$67.79
    Contract Law Firm Partner$140,503$11,709$2,702$67.55

    We have assembled these salary histograms, estimates, comparisons, histograms, and trends from third-party data sources and employer job postings.