Civil Rights

At the Law Office of Jerome A Clay we are dedicated to fight against injustices involving law enforcement, employers, landlords and anyone who discriminates. Our firm specializes in criminal defense, civil rights, employment and personal injury/wrongful death including officer involved shooting and much more.

We do this by ensuring that every citizen receive the best possible legal representation, even if they cannot afford it. We don’t turn anyone away because of financial circumstances and we give everyone a chance to be heard in court. We believe that everyone deserves professional counsel and fight for justice on their behalf until it is achieved.

Our firm has handled thousands of cases involving many different legal issues. We provide superior service and representation for each client, no matter how complicated the case may seem. With our extensive experience, skill and knowledge we are able to achieve positive results on behalf of all our clients by taking on even the most complex matters. Whether your case goes to court or not, by assessing your legal issue with knowledge and skill we are able to provide you with the best possible outcome.

We are available around the clock for emergencies so that you can feel confident that your concerns will always be addressed immediately. We offer personalized service that puts our clients first, ensuring they receive the attention they deserve. Our goal is to provide the most professional and personalized service in order for our clients to feel confident in us.