The Law Office of Jerome Clay offers local, experienced Comprehensive Investigations in Stockton, Lodi, and Manteca, Tracy, Lathrop, and Greater San Joaquin Valley areas.

  • Criminal
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Professional standards investigations for Municipalities, School Districts, Corporations/Businesses

Investigations for corporate Clients, the precision and expertise have valued that call on the Clay Law firm to uncover the truth in suspected cases of embezzlement, insurance fraud, and proprietary theft entrepreneurs that depend on them to vet expected financial backers and colleagues and neighborhood businesses that oftentimes utilize their gifts to perform historical verifications on work applicants.

As the general population has generally expected more straightforwardness and responsibility from the Nation’s private and public institutions, internal investigations have become a commonplace tool for ferreting out wrongdoing and restoring confidence in our corporations and government agencies. Public school districts often launch their own internal investigations to probe financial improprieties, in response to an alarming whistleblower complaint or news media report, to evaluate affirmative action complaints by staff or students, or to advance beyond expected examinations by outside government organizations. The term “internal investigation” covers many types of inquiries, each with its own legal duties and ethical obligations are driven by the specific purpose to be served.

You may rest assured that the Law office’s of Jerome Clay will conduct thorough, Comprehensive, Professional inquiries that will assist your organization with making informed decisions that may impact the health, safety, and/or fiscal wellbeing of said Organization.