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Jerome Clay

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jerome A. Clay Jr.  I am a father, educator, and Civil Rights advocate. My passion for social justice, equality and criminal justice reform evolved while attending Law School.

In 2013, I decided to attend Humphreys Laurence Drivon School of Law where I received my law degree. My experience during law school was inspirational, encouraging, and innovative. My legal expertise includes but is not limited to:  Collaborative Courts AB 109 and Prop 7 program, Criminal Defense, Taxation litigation, Employment Law, Civil Rights Law, Collaborative Courts, and the rehabilitating process for our youths and adults.

During my last two years of law school, I interned in the San Joaquin Public Defenders Office.  I worked both exclusively and collectively on criminal reform. As an advocate, I strongly believe in second chances.

After law school, I did an externship for the Third District Court of Appeals in Sacramento, where I drafted various appellate opinion(s). My appellate experience has taught me the importance of appellate work and to fight for your clients until the very end.

I have dedicated my time advocating for our members regarding Civil Rights Issues such as Employment law, Educational Law and Police litigation. I currently sit on a Stakeholders Committee for the San Joaquin District Attorney’s office regarding officer involved shootings.

I’m admitted to practice law in the State of California and I work alongside Ralph Cingcon aka the “Silver Fox”, who has been mentoring me for several years. With pride and humility, I was accepted to the University of San Francisco in pursuit of my LLM in taxation.

Civil Rights law is my passion and it gives me a purpose in life so I look forward to empowering and uplifting the community as a Civil Rights Attorney.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

I look forward to challenging the inequalities throughout this country.

Jerome A Clay Jr, Esq