Criminal Law

Criminal laws in California are complex and every crime has its own particular important statutory arrangements to convict. The Law Office of Jerome A. Clay has partnered with several attorneys that have over 40 years’ experience and have effectively taken care of an immense scope of criminal issues during our decades of practice. We can take on cases both on the state and the government level. Our proficient legal team group can enthusiastically speak to clients who have been accused of criminal offenses, including:

  • Expungement/ Sealing of Record pursuant to CPC $851.8
  • Traffic infractions
  • DUI/ DWI
  • Misdemeanors
  • Major and Minor Felonies
  • Special circumstance cases
  • And much more…

The Law Office of Jerome A. Clay along with The Law Office of Ralph Cingcon comprehends the demolition and disarray you might be managing when facing a serious criminal accusation. This is especially why we place each effort in keeping up your confidentiality, integrity, and privacy when you choose our firm to represent you in your various legal matters.

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