Education law

Charter Schools

We pride ourselves in advising our school district clients on all aspects of charter school law.

Our wealth of experience benefits public school clients by providing the most thorough, efficient and cost-effective strategies and options, letting you devote more time, energy and resources to your students.

The law office of Jerome Clay attorneys serving public/charter schools know the industry inside and out from a legal perspective and first-hand as parents of public/charter school students.

We insure compliance with Proposition 39, along with reviewing of petitions. Our firm will also draft the necessary language for board findings that may be needed for any governance process related to charter school petitions.

The Brown act/ conflict of interest

The Brown Act’s purpose is to ensure that local agency deliberations are open so that the people “may retain control over the instruments they have created.” Govt. Code Section 54950.

“The Brown Act is intended to ensure . . . public participation in all phases of local government decision-making, and to curb misuse of the democratic process by secret legislation.

Government frequently violates the Brown Act and engages in prohibited acts. In our many appearances before city councils, planning commissions, school boards and other local bodies, The Clay Law firm works to ensure compliance, and protect government agencies from violation of the Brown Act.

Real Estate / Eminent Domain

Our experienced real estate lawyers provide critical legal assistance at every stage of the ownership and purchasing process. We provide document preparation for land purchases, commercial property purchases, new construction, sales, leasing and financing. Our diligent legal representation has resulted in the successful negotiation of complex real estate disputes. Contact our experienced real estate lawyers for help with your real estate transaction.