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Do You Have a Tax problems to solve? I can show you how to resolve your issue. I am an experienced Tax Relief and IRS Tax attorney based in Stockton, California.


We are a small, specialized law practice taking on select clients who require quality legal representation.


We specialize in Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Foreclosure, and Tax cases. If you are in trouble with your creditors, we will help.


We are located in Stockton California and accept clients throughout California.

Why choose our Tax Law firm?

We offer unique solutions to Tax issues such as:

  • Applying substantive and procedural tax law from the state, federal, or international jurisdictions.
  • Research and resolve tax law problems using legal sources set forth by the tax codes.
  • Analyze and assess tax law problems.
  • And much more…

The Law Office of Jerome A Clay is a tax law firm in Stockton, California, that specializes in customized tax solutions for individuals and businesses, enabling them to overcome their tax problems. We are a tax law firm that solves IRS tax problems to make your life easier and make your business successful. Do not confuse us to get you tax relief or a firm that will reduce your tax obligations easily. We are not a tax resolution company.

At our firm, we have experienced tax attorneys working on your case. We have been in tax law for more than two decades and have represented and provide our tax law expertise to hundreds of individuals and businesses in Stockton, California, and surrounding areas. We have helped many individuals, working professionals, and companies solve their IRS and State Tax Debt issues. If you are looking for an experienced IRS tax lawyer in Stockton, California, who will help you resolve all kinds of tax issues, we have you covered!

We offer affordable fees and flexible payment plans compared to other tax law firms in Stockton, California. We aim to make our services affordable for everyone to get the best professional representation they need. Moreover, we assist our clients’ respite from unpaid taxes, bank levies, payroll taxes, IRS asset seizure, penalty & interest abatement, federal & state tax liens, wage garnishments, and more. In case you are involved with an IRS asset seizure, IRS or State wage garnishments, we can get it resolved within two days or 48 hours.

At our law firm, you don’t have to be worried about any initial consultation fees. We provide 100% free professional consultation to be a part of absolving you from your tax burden. So, if you are a resident, or own a business in Stockton, California, stop looking for any other tax lawyers, and come to the trusted and reliable one. We are just a phone call away.

Tax Problems? Check Our Services

We provide expert services in the following areas:

  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Prevent Levy & Seizure
  • Tax Levy
  • Tax Lien
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Payroll Tax
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Tax Audit
  • IRS Asset Seizure
  • Tax Penalties
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Installment Agreement
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Currently Not Collectible
  • Penalty & Interest Abatement
  • Levy & Garnishment Release

Why we are the best tax attorney stockton ca?

  1.   We are one of the most reliable and experienced tax law firms in Stockton, California
  2.   Only our tax attorneys will handle your case
  3.   Thousands of successful case outcomes
  4.   100% free initial consultation
  5.   No obligation consultation
  6.   We provide tax law assistance to individuals, small businesses, and large companies.

We are the Best IRS Tax Attorney To Resolve Your Tax Debt Problem

Are you a resident of Stockton, California? Do you own a business in Stockton, California? Are you facing problems with your taxes or have a tax debt? Then, you need to consult with a tax attorney to resolve your tax debt issues. The Law Office of Jerome A. Clay is an experienced tax lawyer in Stockton, California. We represent residents and businesses in Stockton, California, who need a tax attorney and provide all the legal assistance needed to fight the IRS in personal tax matters. Additionally, we also represent businesses based in Stockton that need a tax lawyer to resolve their tax debt problems with the California Board of Equalization, Internal Revenue Service, California Employee Development Department, and Franchise Tax Board.

Whether you are facing IRS tax debt or IRS audits or being assigned to a Stockton Revenue Officer for tax debt collection, get in touch with our tax attorneys for a free consultation. We will diligently prepare a defense to fight the IRS. To speak directly to any of our tax attorneys, contact us now, and we will help you get the best possible tax resolution.

Sales Tax Lawyer Stockton CA

Sales tax debt is a serious issue for any resident or business based in the US. In states like Nevada, South Dakota, Alaska, Florida, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming—a sales tax debt is classified as a criminal offense. If you are facing a sales tax debt in any of these states and other states for that matter—The Law Office of Jerome A. Clay has you covered. Our law firm has tax attorneys in all 50 states and will represent you and your business in sales tax debt cases. We have successfully represented thousands of clients associated with sales tax debt problems, including sales tax audits, sales tax criminal charges, and more. We also help you avoid serious sales tax penalties and can reduce your sales tax debts.

Business Tax Lawyer Stockton CA

A business can be embroiled with business tax problems in many ways, such as unpaid payroll taxes, unpaid business income taxes, business tax debt evasion, and more. Business tax delinquencies are treated as serious tax crimes by the IRS and the State.  At the Law Office of Jerome A. Clay, our team of business tax attorneys will take care of all types of business tax debt cases, including business tax audits, business income tax debt, unpaid 940 and 941 payroll tax debt, business tax debt evasion, business tax debt seizures, business tax debt Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, and more. We will provide you with all the necessary representation that you need to fight the IRS Revenue Officer and reduce your business tax debts.

IRS Tax Relief Attorney in Stockton CA

It is your legal responsibility to pay taxes regardless of your financial position. We work diligently to reach a consensus of what the taxpayers are obligated to pay and what they can realistically pay. Our tax law attorneys help people and businesses pay taxes to realistically pay and provide legal assistance to parties who owe taxes but cannot pay. We only provide legal help to people by staying within the confines of state and federal tax collection laws. Our tax relief strategy in Stockton, California, depends on an individual’s specific situation and financial profile and the business’s current financial standing.

Our tax attorneys only propose a tax relief strategy after carefully considering all the available facts and information of each case during the free consultation. We are always happy to help you resolve your tax debt problems and tax relief strategies associated with IRS Levy Assistance, Tax Settlements – Offer in Compromise, Tax Hardships – Currently Not Collectible Status, IRS or FTB Installment Agreement, and Tax Audits and Exams.

Call us for a free Tax Law consultation and see how we can help!